Check Out What Readers Are Saying about The Haight

In the two months since The Haight was published, I’ve been blown away by the response from readers who have gushed about the Whodunnit with Hippies.

The Haight has received nothing but five-star reviews on Amazon, with most of them appearing on Amazon Canada, as the image above shows. I hope this is only the beginning, and more reviews will roll in as more people read the novel.

Maybe it’s to be expected that the strongest response has been in my home market of Canada, but word is spreading into the U.S. about the murder mystery set in Haight-Ashbury just after the Summer of Love. Booksellers in San Francisco say the novel is selling well. Anyone in the Bay Area who wants to learn more should head over to Borderlands Books in the Mission District on Oct. 4, starting at 6 pm. I’ll be signing copies and chatting with readers.

I hope the people who show up will have the same response as the Amazon reviewers, who enjoyed the tale of a murder investigation in Haight-Ashbury.

Set in the spring of 1968, The Haight follows Detective Jimmy Spracklin as he investigates the murder of artist John Blakely in Haight-Ashbury.  Spracklin knows the neighborhood well because he’s spent ten months searching for his beloved step-daughter Marie, who ran away to the birthplace of the acid movement. Now Spracklin, the head of the San Francisco Police Department’s famed Bureau of Inspectors, must catch Blakely’s killer while he struggles to bring his daughter home.

One reason readers have enjoyed the novel is the setting, for it elicits a feeling of nostalgia for the heady days of hippies and peace signs.

“Really takes me back to those days when my hair was long and Jefferson Airplane was on the transistor radio!” said one reader.

But above and beyond nostalgia, The Haight keeps the page turning, and that’s what readers prize above all else.

Said one reader: “I could not put this book down.”

Another chose the same words and added an exclamation point: “I could not put this book down!”

Added another: “For the first time in a very long time, I literally couldn't put this book down.”

Please take a second to visit our review page at if you love murder mysteries and crime novels, please take the opportunity to order the book. And if you live in the Bay Area come visit Borderlands on Oct. 4.

Peter Moreira