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The Haight

Peter Moreira is pleased to announce his novel THE HAIGHT, a murder mystery set in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district in 1968, has been published and is available for sale.

Published by Poplar Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster, THE HAIGHT is first and foremost great crime fiction – a page-turning tale of a detective seeking a killer and trying to save his step-daughter. But it’s also a celebration of everything memorable in Haight-Ashbury, including the hippies, the music, the art, the aura of freedom. 

The 348-page novel chronicles Lieut. Jimmy Spracklin’s investigation into the murder of John Blakely, an artist found dead in a Victorian house in May 1968. Spracklin was drawn to the case because it would take him to Haight-Ashbury, where he believed his 16-year-old step-daughter Marie had been hiding since she ran away the previous fall.

THE HAIGHT is the story of Spracklin’s investigation into the Blakely murder, his search for Marie, and his battles with the ruthless drug lord, Andy Fox. Set in the vibrant landscape of Haight-Ashbury, THE HAIGHT speaks to anyone who loves a good thriller and the aura of the 1960s.

A journalist who has worked on three continents, Peter Moreira is the author of such non-fiction books as HEMINGWAY ON THE CHINA FRONT and THE JEW WHO DEFEATED HITLER. THE HAIGHT is his first novel and the first book in the 1960s crime series featuring Jimmy Spracklin.  

Acclaim for The Haight

 “Spracklin is a terrific tough-guy detective.  . . . Highly recommended for those who enjoy a cracking good detective story -- or for anyone who remembers when the Haight was the centre of the universe.”

– Author and Explorer Ken McGoogan

 “Atmospheric and full of twists, The Haight peels back the psychedelic layers of the sixties’ hippie counter-culture to reveal an intriguing crime.”

                                   – Pamela Callow, Author of the Kate Lange crime series

 Average Customer Review on as of Oct. 11, 2018:

4.9 out of 5 stars   10 customer reviews 

Details of THE HAIGHT:

 Hardcover: 348 pages

Publisher: Poplar Press

Distributor: Simon & Schuster

ISBN-10: 099805934X

ISBN-13: 978-0998059341                                                                       

International Praise for Peter Moreira’s Previous Books.

 ``A Splendid Book”’

— Joseph Goulden, The Washington Times

 ``For scholars of Hemingway … Moreira provide(s) new material to feed on.’’

                    — Caroline Moorehead, The Spectator (London)

 '``A masterpiece’’

                    — Zheng Kaimei, The Hemingway Review

 ``An eye-opener’’

                    — Michael Greenstein, The National Post (Toronto)  

``A fascinating chronicle’’

                   — John McKay, Canadian Press

 “I really liked your book. I must have – I read it in one gulp”

— Robert MacNeil, former host of the MacNeil/Lehrer Report.